Ascension Westdene partners Omega Kathmandu.


Omega Anglican church is situated in east Kathmandu just outside the ring road, and at the end of the runway of Tribhuvan International Airport. The local area Koteshwor is at the junction of the city’s three ancient provinces of Kathmandu, Patan and Baktapur, set back slightly from a busy intersection which is the gateway to the East via the Araniko Highway to North India.

Founded in Feb 2016 with 12 members, Omega Church now has more than 45 people meeting weekly as a community in the Lord Jesus Christ seeking to serve the local area. They have over 20 children coming and they would love to offer them a chance to attend a good English speaking primary school. This would cost £10 per child per month.

In Nepal the holy rest day is Saturday, so the church meets on Saturday morning. Bikash Shrestha pastors the Church with his wife Kalpana. They have three children Hannah, Sophia and Bibek. Amos Shrestha and Kabita Ghatane serve as volunteers in the staff team. The life of the Church is focussed around prayer, sharing the love of Jesus in word and action, and meeting together in God’s word, and in worship: and God is adding to their numbers week by week.

Ascension Church Westdene is delighted to partner with Omega Church. We are able to help with £50 a month towards rental of their first floor room in the middle of a busy high street. We pray with them that Jesus will bring transformation and hope to many.



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