Doing one thing well (usually)

The national dish. Nepali Thali. Also known as Dal Bhat. Nepalis eat it mid-morning and early evening, nationwide. It may have regional variations, Thakali was my favourite, but consists of three basic elements: dal (green lentil soup), bhat (rice), and tarkari (veg curry). It may come with a non-veg curry such as chicken, mutton or fish, spicy pickle, a small popadom, a garnish of raw vegetables, or a yoghurt on the side. Though the basics are very easily repeatable I am led to understand that the varieties of applications of the dish can number into the thousands. Just as well if you are going to eat 730 of these meals in a year.

For a mid-day snack there is always Tibetan street-food: the Momo. These dumplings come steamed or fried in veg, chicken, and buffalo! Happy eating in Nepal.



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