Rebuilding View Point School

I met with Matrika Baral at Shree Pokhara View Point School, Nepal which has been at the heart of transforming its community since Matrika’s arrival in 2007. There is an instant support opportunity here through a trusted partner since 2009 when some UK friends helped build this school following the visionary leadership of its headmaster.  Truly it has become a model school among government schools which are notoriously under-funded.

The immediate need is this.  Firstly, with the monsoon coming he would like to provide every child (92) with a raincoat, a pair of shoes and socks.  Secondly the earthquake brought down some walls which have been repaired with local and international donations. But there is a £2500 funding shortfall and at the end of the budget year in one month the Head will meet this with his salary if necessary.  He was adamant that this was one school that wasn’t going to close its doors after the earthquake.

Take a look at some pictures of how the community came together.  See also the students on laptops, learning English from age 4, stimulated by charts and pictures on the classroom walls as well as slogans outside. No other school in the district (rarely any government schools in the country) provides a meal and uniform and pays for extra classroom staff so as to ensure every child in the village has an education.

The school is worthy of our support. I have left a $300 gift in person, but if you would like to donate to this school please name it in your donation which can be made through my fundraising page.


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