Journey to Masel village near Gorkha

I think my adventure really begins today. And I don’t mean Annapurna. Firstly, the bus ride (we WILL hire a private jeep if we come back again). Secondly, i had a romantic notion about the hike that takes place to reach your village at the end of a rural bus journey in the Himalayan foothills. No more. (ditto jeep) Thirdly, spending 2 nights in a post earthquake farmstead on one of those lovely stepped hillside farming terraces praying that my tummy will survive the generous local hospitality (including boiled yoghurt – probably ox if that is possible) and for more fitness for all the steps in the heat and the dark. Oh, and the rains and thunderstorms just arrived. Still with no electricity it does light the way to the outdoor loo.

With travelling companions Roshan (my guide from a nearby Gorkha village) and Robin (from Masel).



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