First Impressions of Kathmandu

Dust, dirt, smell, noise, traffic, religious buildings on every corner, poor service culture, average accommodation, but generous hospitality. And where are the Himalayas? This is my biggest concern. If anything, my vision of Kathmandu (KTM) was of a city towered over by Everest and her other impressive 5000-8000+ metre sisters. Not a bit of it. Apparently it’s the wrong time of year, or I’m not out of bed early enough for sunrise or other such excuses. Well hopefully over 8 weeks I will get my opportunities to fully appreciate where in the world I am.

I was greeted by Anglican Pastor Bikash Shrestha, and his family who found me an average hotel, welcomed me to their home and church and promptly informed me I’d be preaching. So I managed two weeks off then! But it was a privilege to do this and it was something that I understood during the Saturday morning service.

The church seems particularly strong and active in Nepal. They say Hindu 60% Buddhist 20% both on the decline and Christian 10% and on the rise. There certainly seem to be a number of networks of churches in KTM, and in my hotel I’ve met Jenny a Brit from France who has come to teach for 2 weeks at Feet Ministries who sponsor Christians from villages to come in for 5 months in the drought season (when they are not needed on their farms) for a bible school headed up by Pastor Krishna who has had a hand in planting through this scheme over 10 churches and ministries around the country. I hope to be able to visit one of his pastor students in Gorkha district which was the first earthquake epicentre.

In the meantime, as I await Matthew Lindenfelser’s arrival, I take in the sights of Patan (Lalitpur) one of the three ‘towns’ in the KTM area and get a taste for the local cuisine.


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