Despite every effort  (admittedly all in the last 5 months before my sabbatical) only one third of the funding I needed had been secured. I had overlooked something obvious which is that some trusts meet just once or twice a year and not just in response to an application. So I set off with a budget of around £4500 but trust donations totalling only £1200 and a number of personal gifts as well as personal savings. Whilst in Oman I received an email from the Sons & Friends of the Clergy offering an overwhelming grant which would cover my complete shortfall. It was hard to believe as most grants came in at the  £300 mark.  Thank you Sons of Clergy and everyone else who had made this sabbatical possible.  It’s an exercise in humility and trust to rely on the Lord’s provision again as I did as a student minister in my 20s and very healthy to learn the lesson again that His plans for us are perfect.


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